Health Innovation Fellowship

G for Graduation

Graduation BENEFIT Fellows 2021

We are proud to announce that the first cohort of BENEFIT Health Innovation fellows graduated on 8 June 2022.

After a pioneering year full of team building, lectures, inspiring talks, intensive workshops, COVID-measures and, above all, hard work and dedication, the two teams concluded the entire programme by presenting their journeys and health solutions in Leuven to the lecturers and ambassadors of the programme. A big applause to Andreas, Carla, Cilia, Dominique, Gina, Huguette, Luis and Martin!

BENEFIT Team 2021

During our intensive programme, the fellows have demonstrated to be skilled interdisciplinary innovators and have shown a real motivation to improve healthcare. Both teams developed truly need driven and validated health solutions, and we will proudly follow further developments beyond the programme. 

Reflecting on the past months, we are especially grateful for the commitment of the fellows to their teams and to BENEFIT: relocating to Belgium and The Netherlands, putting jobs and specialisations on hold and spending every free hour and weekend on our pioneering Health Innovation Fellowship. True entrepreneurs! 

Also, we have seen how the fellows and the programme trigger enthusiasm with everyone involved. It was a real pleasure to work with so many enthusiastic volunteering professionals. A big shout out to you as well! 

Thanks to everyone’s personal involvement and support, we have been able to build a complete and rich programme forming eight future health innovation leaders.

We aim to post a more extensive graduation overview but for now, we just wanted to congratulate the fellows and send you warm regards from the entire BENEFIT team!